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In today’s technology-driven climate, the ownership and usage of smart wearables has experienced a surge in popularity, with an expected 27.4 billion US dollars’ worth of sales in smartwatches alone by 2021. Smart wearables include fitness-tracking bands, smartwatches and smart glasses. Smart wearables are not merely pieces of technology which are worn, they also have the programming ability to sync with a mobile device or cloud and display information in an app or web browser. Simultaneously, they use modern tracking methods to monitor health and fitness. Among some of the most popular types of smart wearables are the Apple Watch and the Fitbit. Both of which track movement and calculate the number of calories burned by the individual, while consuming little battery power. Additionally, both devices also offer functions which monitor quality and duration of sleep and are designed to be water resistant.

Although North America leads with the highest market share of wearable device sales, the Asia Pacific region stands as a strong competitor. As of 2017, the Asia Pacific region fell just under North America with the number of connected wearable devices. Nevertheless, alongside increased levels of consumerism, the share of connected smart devices throughout the Asia Pacific region is set to increase significantly by 2022. Xiaomi, Vuzix Corp, Samsung, Apple and Fitbit are among popular brands in the Asia Pacific region which produce smart wearables. Popularity among smart wearables across Asia Pacific has increased with the progression of the possible functions smart wearables can demonstrate. Interestingly, a vast share of consumers across the Asia Pacific region have sited fitness functions as the biggest factor in using smart wearables. At the same time, others have listed easy accessibility to smartphones as a motivation for purchasing smart wearables.

The future of smart wearables in the Asia Pacific region appears to be promising, with members of the public who currently do not own smart wearables expressing interest in purchasing wearables in the future.

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