Skilled Labor

Skilled labor relies on high skilled/educated individuals who provide services in a wide range of sectors, both as employees in a corporate environment or as freelancers. As more and more individuals worldwide achieve higher education levels, the supply of skilled professionals, especially in sectors such as law and architecture, has increased steadily in recent years. Matching supply and demand is not always easy, and, for this reason among others, many skilled professionals move abroad to look for better job prospects and development opportunities.

As skilled labor relies on knowledge, workers need to be trained regularly to be kept up-to-date with current trends and new technologies, learning and development is crucial. Companies and individuals invest greatly in order to improve themselves and their employees.

Market size of the legal services sector in the U.S.
103.6bn USD
Number of employees in the security services sector in Japan
Architects in the UK
over 65,000

Legal services

Law firms for private and corporate clients
Size of the legal services market worldwide from 2015 to 2023 (in billion U.S. dollars)
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Legal professionals provide expert services in a range or in a specific area of the law, for instance family law, criminal law, tax law, or corporate law. Big law firms, which offer a wide variety of legal services, share the market with so-called boutique law firms, which are usually smaller in size and focus exclusively on a single area of law. Practicing lawyers are among the highest earning high-skilled professionals and law firms compete fiercely to hire the most promising candidates.

Law firms in China
Leading law firms globally
Online legal services market size in the U.S.

Security services

Security threats: from physical to virtual
Size of the security services market worldwide from 2011 to 2019, by region (in billion U.S. dollars)
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Security companies provide a variety of services and products, such as security guards and vehicles, alarm systems, cyber security, investigation, and surveillance to monitor places, people, or activities. Investments in R&D are paramount in this sector to enhance security and surveillance capabilities, as emerging new technologies lead to new threats. Data safety and cyber security issues have led to development of a new security branch - IT security - which is growing fast across the world.

Market size of the security services sector in the U.S.
Number of security services companies in the UK
Market size of the information security technology sector worldwide


Designing the spaces we live in
Leading architecture firms based on number of architects employed worldwide in 2020
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Architecture is not just designing and supervising the construction of buildings. As they design the spaces we visit and experience everyday, architects need to take into account several factors, such as function, structure, safety, use, durability, sustainability, and so on. In recent years, green and sustainable buildings have become the norm in the sector, with architects now focusing on creating buildings that have the least impact on our planet, using sustainable and reusable materials.

Annual growth of architecture and engineering services worldwide
Green building activity worldwide
Architecture billings index in the U.S.

Training and development

Updating and improving skills for a changing job market
Market size of the global workplace training industry from 2007 to 2019 (in billion U.S. dollars)
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Economies, markets, and technologies develop fast and skilled workers need training in order to keep up with new developments, findings, and trends. The training and development sector has been growing significantly as individuals, and also companies, are constantly looking to improve themselves, and their employees. In particular, over the past years, learning and development has become more and more digital, with a significant growth in the use of technology-assisted teaching.

Learning and development trends in North America
Popular learning technologies in use in the training industry in the U.S.
Freelancers participating in skill-related trainings in the U.S.

Industry Definition

Skilled labor refers to the workforce with a high skill level, high education, and high wages that yields substantial economic value through the work performed. Skilled labor involves tasks that demand specific skill sets, training, education, and experience. Examples of skilled labor include physicians, attorneys, engineers, architects, professors, and scientists.


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