National Football League (NFL) television ratings and viewership figures in the United States in the 2016/2017 season (in millions)

Game (network) (week) RatingViewers (in millions)
Rams vs. 49ers (ESPN) (week 1)6.210.3
Steelers vs. Redskins (ESPN) (week 1)7.713
Packers vs. Jaguars (FOX) (week 1)9.215.8
Regional action (CBS) (week 1)9.316
Patriots vs. Cardinals (NBC) (week 1)13.123.1
Panthers vs. Broncos (NBC) (week 1)14.625.2
Giants vs. Cowboys (FOX) (week 1)15.527.5
Eagles vs. Bears (ESPN) (week 2)7.312.1
Regional action (CBS) (week 2)8.514.4
Jets vs. Bills (CBS, NFLN) (week 2)9.515.4
Cowboys vs. Redskins (FOX) (week 2)1119.2
Colts vs. Broncos (CBS) (week 2)12.221.4
Packers vs. Vikings (NBC) (week 2)12.722.8
Falcons vs. Saints (ESPN (week 3)*4.98
Regional action (CBS) (week 3)813.1
Texans vs. Patriots (CBS, NFLN) (week 3)10.617.5
Redskins vs. Giants (FOX) (week 3)11.119.2
Bears vs. Cowboys (NBC) (week 3)11.720.6
Steelers vs. Eagles (CBS) (week 3)12.622
Colts vs. Jaguars - in London (CBS) (week 4)4.87.7
Dolphins vs. Bengals (NFLN) (week 4)4.87.9
Seahawks vs. Jets (FOX) (week 4)6.711.2
Giants vs. Vikings (ESPN) (week 4)813.2
Regional action (CBS) (week 4)9.416.4
Chiefs vs. Steelers (NBC) (week 4)10.318.1
Cowboys vs. 49ers (FOX) (week 4)13.122.7
Buccaneers vs. Panthers (ESPN) (week 5)5.69.1
Cardinals vs. 49ers (CBS, NFLN) (week 5)7.412.1
Regional action (CBS) (week 5)915.2
Giants vs. Packers (NBC) (week 5)*9.316.6
Falcons vs. Broncos (FOX) (week 5)9.416.5
Bengals vs. Cowboys (CBS) (week 5)12.121.3
Jets vs. Cardinals (ESPN) (week 6)5.28.4
Eagles vs. Redskins (FOX) (week 6)7.713.2
Colts vs. Texans (NBC) (week 6)8.113.6
Broncos vs. Chargers (CBS, NFLN) (week 6)8.714.5
Regional action (CBS) (week 6)10.217.2
Cowboys vs. Packers (FOX) (week 6)15.828
Giants vs. Rams - in London (NFLN) (week 7)2.43.7
Texans vs. Broncos (ESPN) (week 7)6.711.2
Regional action (CBS) (week 7)711.3
Packers vs. Bears (CBS, NFLN) (week 7)8.614.2
Vikings vs. Eagles (FOX) (week 7)10.116.9
Seahawks vs. Cardinals (NBC) (week 7)10.217.7
Patriots vs. Steelers (CBS) (week 7)12.621.7
Jaguars vs. Titans (NFLN) (week 8)3.25.1
Redskins vs. Bengals - in London (FOX) (week 8)5.58.7
Vikings vs. Bears (ESPN) (week 8)6.410.5
Seahawks vs. Saints (FOX) (week 8)7.712.8
Regional action (CBS) (week 8)9.516.2
Eagles vs. Cowboys (NBC) (week 8)10.218
Packers vs. Falcons (FOX) (week 8)13.122.7
Falcons vs. Buccaneers (NFLN) (week 9)3.65.8
Bills vs. Seahawks (ESPN) (week 9)6.911.3
Regional action (CBS) (week 9)6.911.3
Broncos vs. Raiders (NBC) (week 9)10.418.3
Cowboys vs. Browns (FOX) (week 9)11.620.2
Colts vs. Packers (CBS) (week 9)11.720.2
Cowboys vs. Steelers (FOX) (week 10)16.428.9
Patriots vs. Seahawks (NBC) (week 10)12.722.5
Falcons vs. Eagles (FOX) (week 10)9.415.9
Regional action (CBS) (week 10)7.813.2
Ravens vs. Browns (NFLN) (week 10)3.55.7
Eagles vs. Seahawks (CBS) (week 11)13.624.4
Packers vs. Redskins (NBC) (week 11)10.818.7
Ravens vs. Cowboys (CBS) (week 11)10.217.6
Bears vs. Giants (FOX) (week 11)8.4514.3
Saints vs. Panthers (NBC, NFLN) (week 11)8.113.3
Texans vs. Raiders (ESPN) (week 11)6.911.8
Redskins vs. Cowboys (FOX) (week 12)14.535.1
Vikings vs. Lions (CBS) (week 12)1327.6
Colts vs. Steelers (NBC) (week 12)10.120.9
Chiefs vs. Broncos (NBC) (week 12)10.718.4
Seahawks vs. Buccaneers (FOX) (week 12)9.813.1
Packers vs. Eagles (ESPN) (week 12)7.813.1
Regional action (CBS) (week 12)7.612.8
Giants vs. Steelers (FOX) (week 13)14.625.4
Cowboys vs. Vikings (NBC, NFLN) (week 13)12.821.8
Regional action (CBS) (week 13)10.818.5
Panthers vs. Seahawks (NBC) (week 13)10.217.8
Lions vs. Saints (FOX) (week 13)7.312.2
Colts vs. Jets (ESPN) (week 13)58.1
Cowboys vs. Giants (NBC) (week 14)14.926.5
Seahawks vs. Packers (FOX) (week 14)14.425.3
Regional action (CBS) (week 14)11.219.1
Raiders vs. Chiefs (NBC, NFLN) (week 14)10.517.4
Ravens vs. Patriots (ESPN) (week 14)7.812.9
Redskins vs. Eagles (FOX) (week 14)7.512.3
Patriots vs. Broncos (CBS) (week 15)14.2525
Buccaneers vs. Cowboys (NBC) (week 15)13.624.1
Lions vs. Giants (FOX) (week 15)10.818.7
Regional action (CBS) (week 15)8.815
Rams vs. Seahawks (NBC, NFLN) (week 15)8.814.7
Panthers vs. Redskins (ESPN) (week 15)6.811.2
Jets vs. Dolphins (NFLN) (week 15)2.54.4
Chiefs vs. Broncos (NBC) (week 16)10.621.4
Lions vs. Cowboys (ESPN) (week 16)10.118.6
Packers vs. Vikings (FOX) (week 16)1018.4
Giants vs. Eagles (NBC, NFLN) (week 16)10.617.9
Buccaneers vs. Saints (FOX) (week 16)8.115.4
Steelers vs. Ravens (NFLN) (week 16)6.514.8
Regional action (CBS) (week 16)7.714.2
Bengals vs. Texans (NFLN) (week 16)3.26.3
Packers vs. Lions (NBC) (week 17)1323.8
Giants vs. Redskins (FOX) (week 17)12.322.4
Cowboys vs. Eagles (FOX) (week 17)9.6517
Dolphins vs. Patriots (CBS) (week 17)9.216.6
Regional action (CBS) (week 17)6.812.1
Giants vs. Packers (FOX) (Wildcard Round)21.339.3
Dolphins vs. Steelers (CBS) (Wildcard Round)17.529.9
Lions vs. Seahawks (NBC) (Wildcard Round)14.826.9
Raiders vs. Texans (ABC, ESPN) (Wildcard Round)14.425.1
Packers vs. Cowboys (FOX) (Divisional Round)26.148.5
Steelers vs. Chiefs (NBC) (Divisional Round)19.837.1
Texans vs. Patriots (CBS) (Divisional Round)1629.8
Seahawks vs. Falcons (FOX) (Divisional Round)16.228.7
Steelers vs. Patriots (CBS) (Conference Round)24.448
Packers vs. Falcons (FOX) (Conference Round)2546.3
AFC vs. NFC (ESPN) (Pro Bowl)4.27.4
Patriots vs. Falcons (FOX) (Super Bowl)45.3111.3

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The statistic shows figures on the television ratings and viewership figures for NFL games in the United States from September 11 (week 1) to February 5, 2017 (Super Bowl). The game in week nine between the Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders, broadcast on NBC, was watched by a total of 18.3 million viewers. The final and most important game of the season, the Super Bowl, was watched by over 111 million people in the United States. The most-watched Super Bowl since 1990 was Super Bowl XLIX in 2015, which was contested between the New England and the Seattle Seahawks. The game was watched by over 114 million people across the United States, giving it a household rating of 47.5.
Figures for the 2017/18 season can be found here.
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Release date
February 2017
United States
Survey time period
September 11, 2016 to February 5, 2017
Supplementary notes
* Aired opposite presidential debate.

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