E-commerce in Colombia

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Statista Dossier on e-commerce in Colombia

Table of contents

    • Retail e-commerce growth in Latin America 2020-2022, by country

    • E-commerce sales as share of GDP in Colombia 2015-2021

    • E-commerce as share of total sales in Colombia 2019-2021, by month

    • E-commerce sales value in Colombia 2017-2021

    • E-commerce sales in Colombia 2021-2025, by device

    • Number of digital transactions in Colombia 2017-2021

    • Domestic and cross-border e-commerce volume in Colombia 2019-2021

    • E-commerce retail market revenue in Colombia 2017-2025, by segment

    • Web and app purchases of leading product categories in Colombia 2021

    • eServices market revenue in Colombia 2017-2025, by segment

    • Leading services paid for on the internet in Colombia 2021

    • Web and app purchases of leading service categories in Colombia 2021

    • Categories most likely purchased via social media in Colombia 2021

    • Most-visited e-commerce sites in Colombia 2021

    • Leading online shopping platforms and apps in Colombia 2021

    • Leading mobile shopping apps in Colombia 2022

    • Leading online grocery shopping platforms in Colombia 2021

    • Leading social media apps used for purchases in Colombia 2021

    • E-commerce website conversion rate in Colombia 2020-2021

    • eCommerce penetration rate in Colombia 2017-2025

    • eCommerce users in Colombia 2017-2025

    • Share of digital buyers in Colombia 2021, by age

    • Spending per capita on online purchases in Colombia 2016-2021

    • Average online shopping ticket value in Colombia 2014-2021

    • Payment methods for digital transactions in Colombia 2021

    • Share of users partaking in weekly e-shopping activities in Colombia 2021

    • Leading online purchase drivers in Colombia 2021

    • Reasons for not buying any type of product online in Colombia 2021

    • Revenue share of on-site and online sales on special dates in Colombia 2021

    • Online sales value on selected discount events in Colombia 2019-2021

    • Value of online sales on "días sin IVA" in Colombia 2020-2022

    • Number of online transactions on "días sin IVA" in Colombia 2020-2022

    • Most searched categories on Cyberlunes in Colombia 2021

    • Most searched categories on Black Friday in Colombia 2021

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