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Statista dossier on social media Facebook in Spain

This dossier presents insights and statistics on the social network Facebook in Spain. It provides an overview of Facebook's global reach, the company's financials in Spain, as well as extensive statistics on user demographics and usage behavior. Furthermore, this dossier highlights the role of influencers and advertising for the social network in the Mediterranean country.

Table of contents

  • 1. Global overview
    • Global social networks ranked by number of users 2021

    • Countries with the most Facebook users 2021

    • Facebook: number of monthly active users worldwide 2008-2020

    • Facebook: annual user growth rate worldwide 2019-2024

    • Facebook: annual revenue and net income 2007-2020

    • Facebook: worldwide quarterly revenue 2010-2020, by segment

    • Facebook: average revenue per user 2011-2020, by region

    • Facebook: global corporate demography 2014-2020, by gender

    • Facebook: distribution of global audiences 2021, by age and gender

  • 2. Business fact and figures in Spain
    • Facebook: annual net income in Spain 2010-2019

    • Facebook: revenue in Spain 2010-2019

    • Facebook: tax on profit paid in Spain 2010-2019

    • Facebook: number of employees in Spain 2014-2019

    • Leading iPhone (iOS) social media apps in Spain 2021, by revenue

    • Leading Android social media apps in Google Play in Spain 2021, by revenue

  • 3. Users
    • Facebook: online reach in Spain 2017-2025

    • Facebook: profiles in Spain 2014-2020

    • Spanish cities with the most Facebook profiles in 2020

    • Facebook: user share in Spain 2021, by gender and age group

    • Facebook users according to access device in Spain 2020

    • Facebook: daily active users in Spain by operative system 2020-2021

    • Leading social media among Spanish millennials 2020

  • 4. Usage and downloads
    • Leading social platforms in Spain in 2020, by user awareness

    • Social media: most daily used socila media in Spain in 2020

    • Facebook access frequency in Spain 2020

    • Ratings of social networks by users in Spain 2020

    • Leading Android social media apps in Google Play in Spain 2021, by downloads

    • Leading iPhone (iOS) social networking apps in Spain 2021, by downloads

  • 5. Influencers and advertising
    • Social media platforms used to follow influencers in Spain 2020

    • Top ten most followed Spanish fan pages on Facebook 2021

    • Top ten most followed Spanish brand fan pages on Facebook 2021

    • Most followed Spanish media fan pages on Facebook 2021

    • Leading Facebook advertising agencies in Spain 2020, by engagement

    • Most-followed advertising agencies on Facebook in Spain 2020

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