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Christmas is a traditional religious festival that first dates back and was celebrated in A.D 336, however over time the festival has changed and in the modern age we celebrate with gifts and food being shared between family and friends. Christmas time is a celebration, and in the United Kingdom (UK) this is done on the 25th of December. But the weeks leading up to Christmas can now be included in the Christmas season. Lots of planning has to be made. Money has to be saved and presents bought, but how much is this time of year worth?
Before we even get to Christmas day families must prepare and stock the house with food and decorations. This alone is an expensive task, with 39 percent of people spending between 100 and 200 British pounds before presents are even bought.
With such a high expenditure, how will families be able to deal with the financial pressure? Many people try to go into Christmas with an open mind, and 45 percent of people try to not set a budget allowing them to share selflessly with others.
Overall people in the UK spent 748 British pounds per person in the year 2016 for this beloved time of year with technology being the leading contributor to sales, amounting to 299 British pounds per person, nearly one third of the overall Christmas expenditure.
With so much money being spent, stores across the United Kingdom (UK) are stocking up and preparing for the Christmas season, but with so much choice, how do consumers know where to shop? This survey shows that 62 percent of people do their research online before going into the shops. This is a wise choice as many people plan on purchasing expensive items such as computers and mobile phones, areas where research is necessary when spending lots of money. Lots of this research is done online, and so too is the purchasing of presents online with 42.61 percent of people doing some of the shopping online and 8.71 doing all of their shopping online to hunt down the best deals.
Christmas has changed over time, but the ethos of sharing and giving will stay forever.

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