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Published by Raynor de Best, Jan 18, 2019 was founded in 2005 and introduced with a local version in the Netherlands in 2007. More than ten years later, YouTube has become one of the Netherlands' most popular social media platforms. Google's online video service reached eight million users in the Netherlands in 2018. Only messaging service WhatsApp, with 11.5 million users, and Facebook, which had 10.8 million users in 2018, were more popular.

In a ranking of the most popular video-on-demand platfoms, YouTube was said to be used most often. It is especially popular among younger generations. According to recent survey results, 86 percent of respondents aged 15 to 19 years old indicated they used the platform.

YouTube has three main uses in the Netherlands. First, it is used as a music streaming service. YouTube was the second-most popular music streaming service with a penetration rate of 23 percent in a 2017 survey, whereas 58 percent of the respondents indicated in the same survey they used Spotify for music streaming. The average daily reach of YouTube for music purposes was relatively high for Millennials. Currently, Google is looking to expand YouTube's music activities with the release of YouTube Music. This service was launched in May 2018 in several countries, but is not yet active in Belgium and the Netherlands and is expected to arrive before the end of 2018.

A second popular use of the platform is for watching vlogs: in a recent survey it was found that roughly 21 percent of all respondents indicated they watched these on YouTube. This percentage was notably higher for the age group between 14 to 21 years old.

Third and finally, Youtube is a game streaming platform. Market researcher Multiscope mentions that ten percent of all respondents to their survey in 2018 used a service to watch game streams. Of this group, 91 percent indicated they used YouTube. This was a higher response than for Twitch, which reached a penetration rate of 36 percent among game stream watchers.

In recent years, the viewing habits of YouTube users in the Netherlands have changed. On the one hand, the frequency with which internet users watch online video has increased. As of 2018, roughly 35 percent of respondents watched online videos once per day whereas in the previous year just over 25 percent of respondents did so with the same frequency. On the other hand, YouTube users in the Netherlands are moving away from desktops towards smart devices and smartphones. Between 2014 and 2017, the share of households which used a media centre or dongle (such as an Apple TV or Google Chromecast) increased from 6.8 percent to 13.6 percent. In 2018, the online video smartphone penetration among 18 to 21-year-olds in the Netherlands reached 59 percent.

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