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Online Video & Entertainment statistics This page provides statistics, facts and market data related to online video and entertainment. This includes information on popular online activities, online video usage duration as well as demographics and country-specific online access.

According to recent studies, online video has a 90 percent penetration rate among internet users on any device. In the United States, current data indicates more than 180 million digital video viewers with a penetration rate of approximately 75 percent of the online population. The rise of mobile internet and mobile devices has also lead to increasing mobile content consumption. In 2013, more than 74 million US mobile users accessed video content on their mobile device. The majority of mobile video revenues are generated via subscriptions, followed by advertising. Current US mobile video subscription revenues have already surpassed 1 billion US dollars annually. Popular digital video content includes comedy, how-to, educational videos and music.

Currently, Google-owned YouTube is one of the most popular online video platforms worldwide. Recent studies show that a quarter of YouTube content consumption occurs via mobile devices. In the United States, YouTube’s active mobile video reach is about 33 percent. Popular YouTube channels include comedy, blog personalities and music.

Online video is not only popular on computers or mobile devices – consoles, smart TVs and video on demand have also enabled consumer consumption of online video in the living room. In the United States, Netflix is the current video on demand market leader with more than 33 million streaming subscribers, most of whom prefer to access the service via computer with smart TVs and TV-connected computers rapidly gaining in popularity.

Online and digital entertainment also includes streaming media such as music and audio. Whereas iTunes, Google Play and Amazon are established digital content online stores that enable users to download music to their mobile devices, streaming services such as Pandora and Spotify are also growing in popularity. Based on recent market research, Pandora is the most popular audio app in the United States with more than 50 percent of smartphone owners using the service. Most music streaming services are ad-supported and free but offer subscriptions without advertising, improved audio quality and more varied access.

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