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Nuclear energy plays an important role in the fuel mix of the European Union and accounted for more than a quarter of its electricity generation in 2016. However, the generation of nuclear energy has decreased since 2010 and amounted to 830.5 terawatt-hours by 2017.

Throughout the European Union, the overall consumption of nuclear power has decreased since 1998. By 2017, nuclear consumption had dropped to approximately 188 million metric tons of oil equivalent, the lowest consumption level over the past 20 years. By the year 2040, nuclear consumption is expected to have decreased to 132 million tons of oil equivalent.

In 2017, France generated 398 terawatt-hours of nuclear electricity. This was by far the largest amount throughout the European Union. Consumption was also highest in France, at 90.1 million metric tons of oil equivalent. This is unsurprising as by 2017 there were 58 operable nuclear reactors in France, whilst 12 had been shut down. In comparison, the United Kingdom had 15 operable nuclear reactors and 30 had been shut down.

The volume of intermediate-and high-level radioactive waste in the European Union was highest in both the United Kingdom and France as of 2013. Despite this, and nuclear accidents occurring as recently as 2011, public attitudes towards nuclear energy in 2018 were positive in countries such as the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. In contrast, support for nuclear energy in Italy was just 7 percent.

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