Social media and events - Statistics & Facts

Social media and events - Statistics & Facts

Statistics and facts about social media and events

The growing use of mobile devices and social apps has led to an increase in second screen and social media usage during television airings. In 2016, around 47 million internet users in the U.S. stated accessing the internet while they watched television. That same year, 68 percent of internet users in U.S. said that they use their smartphone while they watch television, while just over 52 percent use their desktop computer or laptop as a second screen. Regardless the device, in the U.S., second screening is forecast to increase in the next few years.

Social network Twitter has proven itself especially popular as users are able to run a direct commentary through live-tweeting and direct short-form discussion. Social media buzz based on online user mentions and interactions are a relevant tool in measuring user engagement before, during and after a program has aired. In 2016, the U.S. presidential election created major buzz on social media. Combining Twitter and Facebook, the first debate generated just over 83 million interactions. Donald Trump accounted for the largest share of both Twitter buzz and Facebook buzz during the three presidential debates. In addition to the debates, a quote from Hillary Clinton’s concession speech was the third most retweeted Twitter posts in 2016.

Apart from political events, television series and specials generate strong online user interaction as well. The Grammy Awards was the most popular television special during the 2015/2016 season with 7.64 million tweets during the telecast. The Oscars ranked second as the prestigious award ceremony had an online buzz of 7.22 million tweets in 2016. Other popular television specials include the American Music Awards, iHeartradio Music Awards, and the Golden Globe Awards. Concerning TV shows, AMC’s The Walking Dead was the most popular television series on Twitter during the 2015/2016 season with about 435 thousand tweets per telecast. FOX’s Empire and HBO’s Game of Thrones ranked second and third respectively.

Social media is also a popular tool to follow sports, which proved relevant during the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, both in Brazil. These two events lead the ranking of global media and sporting events with the most Facebook interactions. In 2016, the most-tweeted about sporting event in the United States was, by far, the Super Bowl XLIX. The event created over two billion tweets Twitter impressions during its broadcast and a consumer survey ahead of the Super Bowl in 2017 found that 32 percent of survey respondents were planning to talk about the game on social media while watching it. Considering these events’ reach on social media, advertisers are often looking to capitalize on content-related second screen action by investing heavily on social media advertising and adding social media elements to their ads such as a hashtag.

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Facts on social media and events
Sporting eventsValuesStatistic
Share of U.S. Super Bowl 2017 viewers who plan to discuss the game on social media while watching32% Details →
NFL player with the most Twitter followers as of December 2016 Reggie Bush Details →
Twitter TV audience of Super Bowl 50: number of tweets16.91m Details →
Most-discussed event on Facebook as of November 20162016 FIFA World Cup Details →
Live eventsValuesStatistic
Facebook interactions about the Grammys in 201650m Details →
Number of tweets regarding most popular tv special: 2016 Grammy Awards7.64m Details →
Most social fall TV series during the U.S. 2016/2017 season as of December 2016The Walking Dead Details →
Most popular television series in 2015/2016 season, by average number of tweetsThe Walking Dead Details →
Top mentioned hashtag of the Academy Awards 2017#Oscars Details →
FOMO & second screenValuesStatistic
Number of Twitter followers of @katyperry as of March 201796.18m Details →
U.S. Millennials who worry about negative effects of social media on health as of 201648% Details →
Share of U.S. smartphone users who use device to email or text friends about the program while watching TV in 201623% Details →
Share of U.S. tablet users who use device to look up actor or plot information while watching TV in 201630% Details →
Most popular weekday for U.S. social TV activity on Facebook in 2016Sunday Details →
Most popular weekday for U.S. social TV activity on Twitter in 2016Sunday Details →

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