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Statista Surveys

Statista always strives to expand the content available on the platform with trending topics and high quality data. This includes relevant consumer and expert insights into a wide range of topics. Therefore a Statista team of experienced market and social researchers conducts quantitative online and telephone surveys among consumers and industry experts with a focus on the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Our researchers adhere to the standards set by associations such as ESOMAR, BVM, ADM and DGOF – especially in regards to scientific standards of data analysis, data protection and processing of individual-related data. All research projects are subject to a strict quality assurance process. Collected data are representative, guaranteed by quotas and random sampling. The results of these exclusive surveys are then published as statistics and infographics, as well as in dossiers and reports on

Statista’s own content includes a wide variety of consumer surveys on trending topics, like Spring Break or Valentine’s Day, but also aims at covering relevant markets and business opportunities such as couponing or the furniture market in the U.S. Additionally, Statista conducts surveys among experts from various industries on topics like digitalization or online marketing.

Every month, Statista publishes new survey results on up-to-date topics and trends; the release calendar and archive can be found here.

Statista Surveys published on include:

Q4 2019

Other interesting statistics


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