Meat substitute brands

Meat substitutes brand rankings in the U.S.

MorningStar Farms (56 %) and Beyond Meat (54 %) are the most recognized meat alternatives brands in the U.S.. However, major competitors like Amy's Kitchen and Impossible take top spots in customer loyalty.

The rise of flexitarians is fueling the meat substitute market, with consumers being concerned about the meat industry. But what is the beef with flexitarians all about? Flexitarians follow a mostly plant-based diet but occasionally will eat meat or fish. As a result, meat substitute brands have been popping up left and right, and now Beyond Meat, Impossible, and co. are selling like hot cakes. Join us to learn more about major meat substitute brands in the U.S.

  • With 56 % brand awareness, MorningStar Farms leads the brand recognition ranking
  • Amy's Kitchen, Beyond Meat, and Daring are neck and neck in usage share
  • Amy's Kitchen and Lightlife have the highest customer loyalty
Brand awareness

Winner, winner, plant-based chicken dinner

It is beyond impossible that you do not know any of the meat substitute brands in our awareness ranking. Morningstar Farms (56 %), Beyond Meat (54 %), and Impossible (49 %) are taking the lead as the meat substitute labels with the highest brand recognition in the United States. As ditching meat is becoming more and more popular among consumers, so are meat alternatives brands, providing the likes of Quorn and Before the Butcher an opportunity to increase the awareness of their brand with consumers.

Brand usage

Aren’t there bigger fish to fry?

While the plant-based meat-alternative market is still developing, you shouldn’t overlook its potential. Amy's Kitchen, Beyond Meat, and Daring are bringing home the (vegan) bacon as they dominate the consumption ranking. But that’s not all. With a potential target group growing in size, also lower ranked brands are poised for growth in the near future.

Brand loyalty

Who eats in Amy’s Kitchen stays in Amy’s Kitchen

We all love good food. And as for U.S. consumers, once they found a delicious brand, they keep on coming back for more. Amy's Kitchen (86 %), Lightlife (84 %), and Morningstar Farms (81 %), have the highest percentage of customers who say they’ll stay loyal to their products in the future. Meanwhile, meat substitute brands such as Daring, Garden Gourmet, or Quorn need to step up their game and build a loyal following. Establishing a loyal base of consumers is likely the next big focus for meat substitute brands.

Published August 7, 2023

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