Chocolate in Canada- Statistics & Facts

Chocolate, Canada’s favorite way to satisfy those confectionary cravings. In 2014, chocolate goods commanded more than half of Canada’s confectionary market. It turns out maple syrup isn’t the only sugary indulgent Canadians are partial to. In fact, Canada’s love of chocolate even earns it a place in the top ten countries with the highest retail sales of chocolate confectionary worldwide.

A look at the distribution of the Canadian chocolate market in 2016 shows it is a tight race between the world’s major players. It would appear Canadians seem to enjoy the fruits of this competition and the chocolaty diversity it brings with it. After all, having Nestlé, Hersey and Mondelez International around means one can enjoy a Kit Kat, a Hersey’s kiss and a Cadbury Crème Egg all in the same day. Of course, not all chocolates are made for the same occasion, with Ferrero among the leaders of the boxed chocolate market.

While substantive quantities of chocolate products are imported into Canada at an increasing rate every year, Canada was home to more than 300 chocolate manufacturing establishments in 2015. The province with the highest number of establishments was Quebec who edged out Ontario with 119 establishments to Ontario’s 116. Many of these spots are the prime destination for the Canadian consumer who wishes for their chocolate to be graced with an artisanal touch. The global movements toward quality consumption and fair trade are important for an artisanal chocolate community in Canada bringing a bean-to-bar approach to your next cocoa filled treat.

More consumers may look towards artisanal and organic chocolates if the inflation of prices for sugar and confectionary in Canada continues to rise. As the price level rises the allure of more luxurious consumption may seem more reasonable when consumers are already spending more on their Mars bar. That said, retail sales of chocolate in Canada did not seem to feel the burden of increased prices between 2010 and 2015. This 2.5 billion dollar industry appears to be in it for the long haul. Even if the packaging and brands take a new shape, a Canadian’s love of chocolate is unlikely to change.

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Chocolate in Canada - Important statistics

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