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You want to keep up-to-date with the latest Statista content about your industry? No problem.

In addition to the simple statistic updates via email, you also have the option to embed a list of the most recent statistics and studies directly on your website, blog or intranet page. Our RSS feeds make this possible, easily and free of charge. Thereby you always automatically receive the latest updates on your industry without having to search for them.

Example: Statista RSS feed about the topic of retail & trade

 Example of view in the <em>Feedly</em>RSS reader
Example of view in the FeedlyRSS reader

The presentation of the feed (font, size, font color, etc.) depends solely on the program that is used to read the feed, be it a browser, feed reader or the content management system of your website. In the latter case you can adapt our content to your corporate design.

What is RSS?

Via an RSS feed we can directly provide you with recently created or updated statistics in the form of a list without you having to do anything for it. RSS is a standardized format which is instantly recognized and displayed correctly by your browser or your website’s content management system.

More information: General information about RSS feeds

How can I read an RSS feed?

By subscribing to our RSS feed you can read the latest updates directly within your browser. The most common browsers support this function. You may need to install a free browser plugin. As an alternative solution you can download a range of programs, so-called RSS readers, with which you can subscribe to the RSS feeds of the websites that are the most relevant to you to keep up-to-date.

Subscribing to our RSS feeds via your email application like, for instance, Microsoft Outlook, is a very useful feature too. This way you can receive real-time updates by Statista on your industry in your inbox. At the bottom of this page you can find a short tutorial about this.

How can I embed the Statista RSS feed on my website?

You can embed RSS feeds on a website in just a few steps. However, the procedure can be a little different, depending on which content management system you use. Please contact your IT department about this. Feel free to get in touch with our customer service for further questions.

The Statista RSS feeds:

Multi-topic feeds:

Current Statista studies
Infographics bulletin

Free statistics only:

Updates to free statistics

About individual industries:

Metals & Electronics
Energy & Environmental Services
Sports & Recreation
Chemicals & Resources
Health & Pharmaceuticals
Finance, Insurance & Real Estate
Consumer Goods & FMCG
Media & Advertising
Technology & Telecommunications
Transportation & Logistics
Travel, Tourism & Hospitality
Retail & Trade

We also provide Feeds on Sub Industries as well as French and Spanish versions. Please contact our customer support for more details.

Subscribe to RSS feed using Outlook

Right-click on RSS Feeds in the left menu bar and select Add new RSS Feed…

Then enter the individual feed link for your industry, for instance, (see above) into the dialog box:

Afterwards you will see a list of all statistics or studies, respectively, in this feed. From now on, all recent Statista studies will be displayed directly within your Outlook folder:

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