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Tips for introducing Statista to your company

Depending on which kind of account you have purchased, individual departments, the entire company, or even every user with a corresponding IP address will be granted access to Statista. Of course, the next step should be to inform all employees about their new benefits, so they can make full use of Statista’s time- and money-saving potential.

You can use the following document for your internal communication, .e.g. in the form of an intranet article or an information email. It outlines which services are provided by Statista for your employees and how you gain access to the platform.

Download: Information Sheet for Employees

For a perfect introduction to research with Statista, we strongly recommend our free online trainings, which take place twice a week. In about 30 minutes, we offer helpful tips and tricks for your research and show you the different data areas:

Choose your preferred date for your online training or take a look at the handout for the webinar.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us, and we will support you with information and tips on how to get started with Statista.

Contact US:
Karen Heng
Senior Engagement Manager
Phone: +1 (212) 433 2293

Contact UK:
Lodovica Biagi
Manager of Customer Relations
Phone: +44 203 709 9960

TIP: To increase the use of Statista among employees, you can easily embed the latest statistics on a topic as a Statista RSS feed in your intranet.

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