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How to create a collection

If you do research on several topics, Statista lets you organize Favorites into folders. A collection in this case refers to the superordinate level. Each collection can contain multiple Chapters. Click on the Create new collection button in your account’s Favorites section.

A dialog box will then appear, into which you can enter the name of your new collection. Confirm by clicking Save and close.

The collection will then be created and selected. A Chapter will directly be created for you to structure your research.

On the right hand side of the page you can see the contents of the collection.

Rename collection

To change the name of a collection click on Rename on the right-hand side of the page.

Enter the name into the dialog box and click Save.

Delete collection

To delete a collection click on the Delete collection button.

Confirm your action by clicking once more on Delete in the info box which now pops up.

Create chapter

To create a new chapter, first select the collection to which you want to add the chapter. The selected collection will be highlighted in blue.

Enter the name of the new chapter into the dialog box on the right of the page and click Create chapter.

The new chapter will be added as the last entry to your collection.

Rename chapter

Click on Rename on the right-hand side of the page to rename a chapter.

Enter the name into the dialog box and click Save.

Delete chapter

Click on the Delete chapter button to delete a chapter.

Confirm your action by once again clicking on Delete in the info box which now pops up.

Add statistics to collections and chapters

There are two ways to add statistics to a collection: when saving the statistic or in the Favorites management section. There you can also move it into a subordinate chapter.

Option 1: You can open a menu by clicking on the star to the right of the statistic. Here you can directly save it to the right collection. In case the collection includes multiple chapters then the statistic will be moved to the uppermost chapter. by clicking the button "Manage-Favorites" you will be forwarded to the management of the favorites.

Option 2: In the Favorites management section: Click on the gear wheel next to the statistic

A dialog box will open, which lets you select one or multiple chapters in which the statistic will be saved. You can also select the individual chapters

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