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Setting up a Basic Account

There are different account types available on the Statista platform. They differ in terms of the content that can be accessed and which functions are available.

The Basic Account is Statista’s entry-level product providing free access to all Basic Statistics and the Office download functions.

1. Complete the registration form

Complete the registration form with your data. You should register as a business user with your work email address, since this will enable you to download Basic Statistics in PPT format.

After you have chosen your password and accepted our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement, click Create account.

Hint: Statista offers email newsletters about diverse topics. Use this opportunity and let us keep you up-to-date. You can of course unsubscribe at any time.

2. Activate your account

After you have submitted the form we will send an activation email to the address that you have specified. Please click the Activate accountlink in it.

We send the activation email to the address entered in the form.
We send the activation email to the address entered in the form.

In some cases the activation email can be classified as unwanted advertising by your email provider. You should therefore check your email application’s spam folder in case you do not receive the email within just a few minutes.

3. Complete your details

Every day we work hard to offer even more content that meets our customers’ interests. You can profit from this by completing the stored data. .

Data completion form.
Data completion form.


Your account has been activated and you can start your research.

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