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Search and browsing history

Another personalized function that we offer our Corporate and Enterprise customers is the option to display and use the account and search history.

This lets our customers directly access recently viewed content without having to search for it once again. Recent searches, including all set filters, can be rerun by means of the search history.

These functions let you use our contents even more efficiently by eliminating the need for temporarily saving any required data as favorites.

1 - Access via the My Account dropdown menu:

After you have logged in, hover over My Account on the navigation bar and then select Account History.

2 - Access via the Favorites star:

The star icon also appears on the navigation bar after you have logged in.

3 - Access via the search results page

You can also access your personal search history by clicking on the corresponding icon on our search results page. Below the search bar you can also re-execute your 5 previous searches, including all set search filters.

Your account history at a glance:

1 - Viewed statistics
In this section you can see your recently viewed statistics, forecasts and infographics. All contents are sorted in chronologically descending order. A maximum of 50 entries can be displayed. Clicking on a statistic will open the selected content again in a separate browser tab.

2 - Viewed studies
In this section you can see your recently viewed studies. This includes all of our study formats: dossiers, industry reports, surveys, toplists, outlook reports and market studies. Clicking on a study will open the selected content again in a separate browser tab.

3 - Search history
Your search history includes all of your recent searches. You can see the individual search term along with a funnel icon, which indicates that filters were applied to, for instance, limit the search to a certain content type.

Entries are sorted by date. Clicking on a search term will rerun the exact search including all applied filters.

All entries in your Account History can be deleted individually using the "x".

The history is linked to the used browser. This means that, should you access Statista from different browsers or devices, you will see separate histories per device (e. g. desktop, mobile, tablet) and used browser. The history is, moreover, platform-dependent. In case you use both the German and the English platform, you will see separate histories for each platform.

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