Global Apple iPod sales from 1st quarter 2006 to 4th quarter 2014 (in million units)*

This statistic shows global Apple iPod sales from the first quarter of 2006 to the most recent fiscal quarter. In the first quarter of the 2006 fiscal year (October to December 2005), Apple sold 14.04 million iPods worldwide. In all of its 2006 fiscal year Apple sold more than 39 million iPods.

Apple iPod sales - additional information

Introduced to the consumer market in 2001, Apple revolutionized the music industry with its pocket-sized music player iPod. Since its release, the iPod has been one of the most dominant products within the digital music player market, with total aggregate unit sales of nearly 360 million. The market for portable music players, however, has been slowing down in recent years. Apple’s own sales figures essentially follow the existing overall trend, as iPods sales worldwide have been dropping since 2010. The company still experiences a consistent sales peak in the first quarter of the company’s own financial year. For Apple, the first quarter of their financial year is from early October to late December – just around the holiday season.

The increased capacity of smartphones to play and store music as a multi-functional device has been pinpointed by industry experts as the main reason for the decline of digital music devices sales. This explanation seems fitting when looking at Apple’s devices sales figures over the years. iPod sales have decreased as iPhone and iPad sales have increased in the last few years. Up until the third quarter of 2010, Apple still sold more iPods than iPhones. In the last quarter of 2014, iPod sales accounted for only about one percent of Apple's total revenue.

The declining of iPod sales has not had a negative impact on the company. As the share of the company’s total revenue made from iPod sales has decreased, strong sales of the iPad and the iPhone have allowed the company to maintain a dominant position in many markets worldwide. In 2014, Apple announced its highest annual revenue to date.

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Fiscal quartersSales in million units
Q1 '06 14.04
Q2 '06 8.53
Q3 '06 8.11
Q4 '06 8.73
Q1 '07 21.07
Q2 '07 10.55
Q3 '07 9.82
Q4 '07 10.2
Q1 '08 22.12
Q2 '08 10.64
Q3 '08 11.01
Q4 '08 11.05
Q1 '09 22.73
Q2 '09 11.01
Q3 '09 10.22
Q4 '09 10.18
Q1 '10 20.97
Q2 '10 10.89
Q3 '10 9.41
Q4 '10 9.05
Q1 '11 19.45
Q2 '11 9.02
Q3 '11 7.54
Q4 '11 6.62
Q1 '12 15.4
Q2 '12 7.67
Q3 '12 6.75
Q4 '12 5.34
Q1 '13 12.68
Q2 '13 5.63
Q3 '13 4.57
Q4 '13 3.5
Q1 '14 6.05
Q2 '14 2.76
Q3 '14 2.93
Q4 '14 2.64
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