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Statista Dossier about phishing

Table of contents

    • Number of global phishing sites as of Q1 2021

    • Phishing: number of affected brands as of March 2021

    • Phishing: distribution of attacks 2021, by country

    • Phishing attack rate among businesses worldwide 2020, by country

    • Phishing: most targeted industry sectors 2022

    • Phishing: most targeted organization types 2021

    • Global spam categories 2020

    • Employee interaction with malicious emails 2021

    • Why employees click on phishing emails in 2020

    • Employees that click on phishing emails in 2020, by age

    • U.S. and UK employees that have made security mistakes in 2021, by age

    • Time taken to report a suspected phishing emails in 2020

    • Leading cause of ransomware infection 2020

    • Distribution of TLDs used by phishing sites in 2021

    • Proportion of phishing sites using brand names in 2020

    • Percentage of phishing emails in 2020, by secure email gateway

    • Volume of spear phishing attacks on organizations 2020

    • Spear-phishing attack trends in 2020, by attack type

    • Spear-phishing attacks in 2020, by day of the week

    • Changes in cyber attack frequency following COVID-19 as of 2021

    • Key cyberthreats related to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020

    • Increases in cyber attacks according to IT professionals in 2021, by type

    • Post-pandemic cybersecurity priorities worldwide 2020

    • Remote work: importance of protecting users against phishing and cyber attacks 2021

    • Global cybersecurity incidents after remote work transition 2020

    • IT leaders' predictions for phishing emails relating to 'back to work' in 2021

    • Most commonly reported types of cyber crime 2021

    • Cyber crime: attacks experienced by U.S. companies 2021

    • Online security threats that U.S. consumers worry about in 2021

    • U.S. government: number of cyber security incidents 2020, by attack vector

    • U.S. government: number of department cyber security incidents 2019, by attack vector

    • Threat actors for cyber security incidents in U.S. healthcare organizations 2019-2020

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