Ransomware attacks

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Statista Dossier about ransomware attacks

Table of contents

    • Number of malware attacks per year 2015-2020

    • Malware: most-targeted industries 2020-2021

    • Share of cyber attacks in the Americas, EMEA and APAC in H1 2020, by category

    • Leading IT security threats according to cyber security professionals 2020

    • Potential AI-enabled cyberattacks on companies worldwide 2021

    • Human-initiated and automated bot attacks volume worldwide 2020, by region

    • Share of online adults worldwide who know cybersecurity terms 2020

    • Organizations hit by ransomware attacks 2021, by country

    • Number of ransomware attacks per year 2016-2020

    • Ransomware victimization rate among businesses worldwide 2018-2021

    • Number of newly added ransomware families 2021

    • Leading families of encryption ransomware 2020

    • Most pressing cyber security issues according to infosec professionals worldwide 2018

    • Major operating systems targeted by ransomware according to MSPs 2020

    • Share of MSP clients who experienced a ransomware attacks 2020, by strain

    • Leading cause of ransomware infection 2020

    • Cloud security incidents worldwide 2020, by company size

    • Outcomes for organizations after ransom payments worldwide 2020

    • Share of global businesses victimized by ransomware paying to recover their data 2019

    • Share of U.S. organizations that experienced a ransomware attack and paid ransom 2020

    • Organizational data retrieval methods after a ransomware attack 2021

    • Global critical infrastructure cybersecurity market 2020-2030

    • Advanced persistent threat global market size 2015-2025

    • Corporate web security market size worldwide 2016-2026

    • Endpoint security market size worldwide 2020-2024

    • Share of global corporate networks attacked by malware in 2020, by malware type

    • Most prevalent malware threats to corporate networks globally 2020, by malware family

    • Most prevalent mobile malware worldwide in 2020, by malware family

    • Most prevalent botnets worldwide in 2020

    • Most prevalent banking trojans worldwide in 2020, by type

    • Most prevalent cryptomining malware worldwide in 2020, by type

    • Top malware received globally via web and e-mail in 2020, by file type

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