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Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-generated 3D environment that engages users in the surroundings and responds to their actions. Usually, users utilize a head mounted display, which is simply worn like ski goggles. The video is then sent from a console or mobile device to the headgear. Head tracking is currently the most common method of adjusting the user's movements to the 3D world. However, as this field evolves, many other tracking systems are being experimented with, such as motion tracking and eye tracking.

The popularity of VR devices has been on the rise in Europe, with sales in Western Europe reaching an impressive 283 thousand units of VR headmounts in the second quarter of 2016. Purchase intentions come to a total of 5.7 percent in the region, however, they vary throughout. Spain came in first with 8.6 percent, and Germany and Belgium tie for last with 4.1 percent. Unsurprisingly, when it comes to age-groups, the younger generations have a considerably higher purchase intent than their elder counterparts.

VR can have many different purposes, depending on the user and their preferences. Some categories include: sports viewing, film viewing, education, gaming or even simply escaping the real world. The general public in France and the United Kingdom (UK) lean toward sports viewing as their favorite VR category, with 56.1 percent and 60.6 percent envisioning themselves using VR for this purpose, respectively. When it comes to preference of a VR product, a total of 18.6 percent of respondents from the EU5 said they are most likely to purchase the Sony Playstation VR. Coming in second was Oculs Rift, with a total of 15.6 percent of the general public choosing this VR product.

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Virtual Reality (VR) in Europe

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