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According to a survey conducted by NORDICOM, the most popular medium in Sweden is the internet. As of 2016, 83 percent of persons interviewed stated to have used online media on a daily basis, followed by television (81 percent of respondents), radio (68 percent) and daily newspapers (62 percent). In general, while the use of traditional media declined slightly, the consumption of digital and online media increased in the past years. Another survey found that 83 percent of Swedes used social media at least once a week in 2016. For comparison, only 28 percent of respondents watched broadcast TV during the week. Two years earlier this share was more than twice as high.

However, when it comes to time spent consuming media, broadcasting media are still the most popular. Swedes watched TV almost 100 minutes per day in 2016. The number of TV households even rose during the past years, from 4.1 million in 2008 to 4.6 million in 2015. In that year, approximately half of Swedish television households used analogue cable providers for accessing, followed by IPTV (almost 1,000 subscriptions) and a digital cable network (734 subscriptions). In terms of radio consumption, public service channels are the radio stations with the most listeners in Sweden, based on audience market shares.

Although the time spent reading daily newspapers increased slightly in the past years, paid circulation dropped from roughly 4 million sold copies in 2004 to not even 3 million copies in 2014. In contrast, the daily reach of newspapers on the internet more than doubled within ten years. Particularly younger age groups tended to read digital versions. Swedes aged 26 to 45 years stated in a similar investigation conducted in 2016 to have read online newspapers more often than other age groups.

Based on NORDICOM’s survey, the least used media in Sweden were books (approximately a third of respondents), magazines (28 percent), teletext (19 percent), CDs and vinyl (6 percent), as well as cinemas, which were visited by only 1 percent of surveyed persons.

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Media usage in Sweden - Important statistics

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