Why do online shoppers leave without paying?

This statistic provides information on reasons for online shopping cart abandonment in January in February 2012. During the survey, it was found that 56 percent of consumers dropped out of the checkout process when they were presented with unexpected costs.

Online shopping cart abandonment

Despite a growing share of shopping happening online, getting customers to follow through and complete an online purchase can be difficult. Online shoppers are faced by a barrage of distractions when browsing or attempting to make a purchase online. Not only do the retailing websites attempt to display the most trending items and inspire add-on purchases, but in-site advertisements for other stores can lead the shopper away from the intended goal as well.
A large number of consumers tend to use other media such as radio, television, or online chat rooms when shopping online along with the added distractions of phones and email. These outside interruptions, along with the internal website issues of costs, security, and efficiency can cause a shopper to forget about or intentionally abandon their online shopping basket.
A growing number of consumers are shopping online via mobile devices. Conversion rates tend to be higher, however, when customers shop online from larger devices such as PCs as opposed to smartphones. It appears that shoppers will use their mobile devices to browse rather than to complete a purchase. There is less cart abandonment on major shopping holidays, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and, unsurprisingly, online retail giant Amazon.com has the most successful conversion rate of all e-tailers.

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 Share of respondents
Presented with unexpected costs 56%
I was just browsing 37%
Found a better price elsewhere 36%
Overall price too expensive 32%
Decided against buying 26%
Website navigation too complicated 25%
Website crashed 24%
Process was taking too long 21%
Excessive payment security checks 18%
Concerns about payment security 17%
Delivery options were unsuitable 16%
Website time out 15%
Price presented in a foreign currency 13%
My payment was declined 11%
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