E-commerce industry in Europe - Statistics & Facts

According to figures the European E-commerce market is experiencing a positive growth across all the most important countries, resulting in one of the most dynamic and fast growing industries. The share of e-commerce users in the European union has constantly increased, showing how companies are investing in their online presence and how users, or customers, are confirming their interest in online services.

E-commerce obviously reflects internet usage. In fact the share of individuals using the internet to sell goods or services in the European Union increased positively until 2013, before facing a slight decrease in 2016. Revenues are rising strongly, particularly the annual revenue of e-commerce in France, which reached 64.9 billion euros in 2015. Firm yields are also increasing in Germany, where revenues in online retail reached 73 billion euros.

The same positive growth can be seen in the southern countries of Italy and Spain, in terms of individuals deciding to purchase online rather than offline. The number of e-commerce users in Italy is expected to reach 20.4 million by 2020, while in Spain the number of e-commerce users will reach 27.6 million.

Although positive trends are shown in Italy, Spain and France, only Germany seems to keep up with the fast paced growth of the United Kingdom. In fact the country of her Majesty leads the e-commerce charts with the strongest growth and turnover. Forecasts report that the B2C e-commerce revenue in Great Britain will reach 81 billion euros by 2017. Indeed, the average revenue per online shopper in Great Britain is expected to reach 1,551.3 euros by 2016, higher than other revenues per online shopper. The average revenue per online shopper in Spain for example will reach a lower 654.3 euros.

The purchase power as the reach of new customers is one of the most important challenges of companies deciding to invest in E-commerce services. Retail e-commerce sales as a share of retail trade show positive figures for many European countries, confirming that the future of retail is online.

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