Social media in Vietnam

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Statista Dossier on social media in Vietnam

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • Social network users in selected countries in 2021 and 2025

    • Active social media user penetration APAC 2021, by country

    • Social media users in Vietnam 2017-2025

  • 2. Number of users
    • Facebook users in Vietnam 2017-2025

    • Zalo users in Vietnam 2019-2020

    • Youtube users in Vietnam 2017-2025

    • Instagram users in Vietnam 2017-2025

    • TikTok users in Vietnam 2017-2025

    • Twitter users in Vietnam 2017-2025

    • LinkedIn users in Vietnam 2017-2025

  • 3. Leading platforms
    • Leading social media apps in Vietnam in Q2 2021

    • Leading social media apps in Vietnam in Q2 2021, by generation

    • Leading social media apps for mindless browsing Vietnam in 2021

    • Leading social media apps for connecting with friends and family Vietnam in 2021

    • Leading platforms for finding news Vietnam in 2021

    • Leading social media apps to watch short videos in Vietnam in 2021

    • Most-used social media channels by companies in Vietnam 2020

  • 4. Influencer marketing
    • Share of influencers in Vietnam 2020, by follower volume

    • Leading platforms for influencers in Vietnam 2020

    • Type of influencers whose endorsed products were purchased by people in Vietnam 2020

    • Share of people who purchased a product due to influencer endorsement Vietnam 2020

    • Share of people who followed social media influencers Vietnam 2020

    • Willingness to buy collaboration products between influencers and brands Vietnam 2020

    • Products purchased by consumers based on influencer endorsement in Vietnam 2020

  • 5. Social commerce
    • Ratio of social commerce live-sales to comments Vietnam Q1-Q2 2020

    • Distribution of social commerce shoppers Vietnam Q1-Q2 2020, by age and gender

    • Leading social commerce product categories Vietnam Q1-Q2 2020

    • Preferred methods of retailers to boost online sales traffic Vietnam 2020

    • Preferred payment methods of social commerce consumers Vietnam Q1-Q2 2020

  • 6. User behavior
    • Share of internet users using social media for work APAC 2020, by country

    • Number of social media accounts per internet user APAC 2020, by country

    • Daily time spent spent using social media APAC 2020, by country

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