Influencer marketing in Germany

Statistics report on influencer marketing in Germany

Influencer marketing in Germany

This report includes statistics covering influencer marketing in Germany. Chapters explore the ways in which influencer marketing is used in German companies, as well as budgeting considerations for working with influencers. Additional statistics show the most popular influencers in Germany, primarily on Instagram and YouTube.

Table of contents

Influencer accounts

  • Premium Statistic Distribution of influencers Germany 2020, by number of Instagram followers
  • Premium Statistic Average daily follower growth on influencer accounts in Germany 2020, by topic
  • Premium Statistic Share of influencer subscribers on social media Germany 2021
  • Premium Statistic Share of people following influencer product recommendations Germany 2021
  • Premium Statistic Purchase decisions based on influencers Germany 2020
  • Premium Statistic Opinions on influencers earning money for product recommendations in Germany 2020

Influencer marketing in companies

  • Premium Statistic Average market price for an influencer post in Germany 2020
  • Premium Statistic Planned annual company budget for influencer marketing Germany 2020
  • Premium Statistic Opinions on influencer marketing advantages Germany 2020
  • Premium Statistic Opinions on importance of influencer marketing during COVID-19 Germany 2020
  • Premium Statistic Opinions in companies on finding the right influencer Germany 2020
  • Premium Statistic Companies involving influencers in product or campaign development Germany 2020
  • Premium Statistic Share of companies with influencer marketing departments Germany 2020

Popular influencers

  • Premium Statistic Leading 10 influencers on Instagram Germany 2020, by number of followers
  • Premium Statistic Leading food influencers on Instagram in Germany 2018
  • Premium Statistic Leading 10 YouTube channels Germany 2023, by number of subscribers
  • Premium Statistic Leading 10 gaming influencers on YouTube in Germany 2023, by number of subscribers
  • Premium Statistic Leading 10 vegan influencers on YouTube Germany 2023, by number of subscribers
  • Premium Statistic Leading TikTok accounts Germany 2023, by number of followers

International overview

  • Premium Statistic Share of Instagram influencers worldwide 2023, by category
  • Premium Statistic Most mentioned brands on German-language Instagram worldwide 2021
  • Premium Statistic Platforms with highest influencer marketing ROI worldwide 2020
  • Premium Statistic Industries increasing spending on influencer marketing 2020
  • Premium Statistic Most popular media for influencer marketing worldwide 2021
  • Premium Statistic Consumers interacting with influencers 2020, by platform
  • Premium Statistic Influencer engagement rates worldwide 2020, by platform

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