Social media usage in France

Social media usage in France
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Statista Dossier on social media usage in France

Table of contents

    • Forecast of the number of social network users in France 2018-2027

    • France Facebook users 2022, by age group

    • Share of French Facebook users 2020, by department

    • Share of French Facebook users 2020, by relationship status

    • France Instagram users 2022, by age group

    • France Instagram users 2021, by gender

    • French Instagram users 2020, by education level

    • Share of French Instagram users 2020, by department

    • Share of French Instagram users 2021, by relationship status

    • Share of Snapchat users in France 2020, by age group and gender

    • TikTok usage in France 2021, by age and gender

    • Kids and teens using TikTok in France 2022, by gender

    • Leading Android social media apps in France 2022, by revenue

    • Leading iPad social media apps in France 2022, by revenue

    • Social media users in France 2017-2025

    • Facebook users in France 2017-2025

    • Instagram users in France 2017-2025

    • Snapchat users in France 2017-2025

    • Twitter users in France 2017-2025

    • Reddit users in France 2017-2025

    • Pinterest users in France 2017-2025

    • Whatsapp users in France 2017-2025

    • LinkedIn users in France 2017-2025

    • Snapchat users and user forecast in France 2019-2024

    • Ranking of mainly used social networks among French aged 16-25 years old 2021

    • Types of social networks most used by young people in France 2021

    • Social network usage by frequency in France 2022

    • Incidence of the different types of social network usage by the French 2019

    • Social media activities in France 2022

    • Leading social networks used weekly for news in France 2021

    • Most employed Twitter hashtags in France 2020

    • Social networks: Twitter interactions in France 2020

    • Types of social network activities amongst children in France in 2020-2022

    • Social media usage by platform type in France 2022

    • Social networks frequently used by french people 2020

    • Messenger usage by brand in France 2022

    • The use of social networks for professional purposes in France 2018-2019

    • BtoB purchases made following a contact from social networks in France 2019-2020

    • Types of profiles followed on social networks by French B2B professionals in 2020

    • Opinion of B2B professionals on the relevance of social media posts in France in 2020

    • Reasons for following other companies according to B2B professionals in France 2020

    • Share of French B2B content creators on social media 2020, by type of social network

    • French B2B content creators' views on their role as an influencer 2020

    • Reasons why French companies use social media in 2021

    • Ranking of the most used social networks by companies in France 2018-2021

    • France's favorite social networks for shopping in 2019

    • Social media use frequency for information on brands, firms, products in France 2019

    • Engagement rate of social media platforms according to influencer type in France 2020

    • Topics covered by social media influencers in France 2017-2020

    • Most popular French-language Instagram influencers worldwide 2021

    • Leading influencers and account on TikTok in France 2021, by followers growth

    • Fastest growing French TikTok influencers 2021, by engagement rate

    • Share of French having already faced harassment on social media 2019

    • Trust in news circulating on social networks by issuer among French 2021

    • Opinion of the French on their exposure to fake news on social networks 2019

    • Most conveyed conspiracy theories by anti-maskers on social media in France 2020

    • Trust level French people have in Google and Facebook to ensure data protection 2019

    • Opinion on personal data being sought-after by internet companies in France 2019

    • Reasons young people have for suppressing their social media profiles in France 2020

    • Share of young people deleting their social media account in France 2020, by age

    • Types of problems encountered by children on social media in France in 2020-2021

    • Types of negative encounters French children aged 11 to 18 fear to make in 2020-2021

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