Online banking in Italy - Statistics & Facts

Italian banks are implementing online banking services in order to improve their relationships with customers. For banks, online banking services are becoming a fundamental feature that they must provide in order to offer a complete service and to be able to reach any customer through any device at any time.

Online banking penetration has been growing positively over the last few years, showing how Italians are interested in such services. Most often customers use laptops and desktop computers as devices to access online banking services. In terms of the most used apps, Android and iOS are leading operative systems for online banking services.

Users report that online banking is quite useful regarding bank operations such as money transfers, general account information and payment of fees and trading activities. Despite the given possibilities of managing stocks and bank products independently, some online bank account holders still prefer to trust a professional. The main reasons for not managing stock portfolios are lack of expertise, lack of skills and preferring the trust of a professional. Another element that is relevant is the absence of human contact, ranking as the leading reason for not using home banking systems.

Banks are also integrating online banking services with social media, helping customers communicate with their bank via different channels. According to the data, the most used social media platform to communicate with the bank is Facebook. Instant messaging is often used too. Account holders report that chats are mostly used for getting information, giving instructions and for tax and bill payments. Online banking services can therefore add value for both banks and customers. Regarding the features of online account services, online account holders are satisfied. The ease of access, services offered and fraud prevention are the leading features appreciated among customers.

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Online banking in Italy - Important statistics

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Online banking in Italy
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