Fisheries & Aquaculture

Statistics and facts on Fisheries & Aquaculture

Fisheries & Aquaculture statistics The industry Fisheries & Aquaculture comprises all economic branches around fish farming for food production or further processing. The sector is divided into commercial and recreational fishing and comprises the harvesting, processing and marketing of fish.

The commercial part may involve the capture of wild fish or the raising of fish by using aquaculture. The commercial fishing methods vary considerably, from using large nets, pole and line, trolling with single lines and traps or pots. According to the definition of the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), fishing gear is divided in active and passive catching gear. In order to avoid catching endangered or unwanted species, commercial fishing gear is specifically designed and regularly updated according to the latest scientific findings.

The fishing industry in the United States is mainly concentrated on the Pacific Coast. Based on total US fishery landings, major domestic species include pollock, menhaden and cod.

Recent trends shaping this agricultural sector include sustainable and responsible fishing. Overfishing of the ocean and the loss of biodiversity has led to the protection of endangered species.

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