Care & Support

Statistics and facts on care and support

Care & Support statistics Care and support include the essential elements of every developed public health system. Among the well known parts of care and support are nursing, elderly care and home care. Elderly care has become an increasingly discussed issue due to the fact that populations in many developed countries have a disproportionate number of old people. In the United States, some 40 million persons are 65 years and older. Many of them need to be looked after in one way or the other.

According to some projections, the number of older people in the United States will be twice as much in 2030 as it was in 2000. This fact clearly illustrates the progressive nature of caregiving in the U.S. and other modern societies. There will be an increasing need for caregivers and care facilities in the future.

Elderly care is often connected to home care, because many older people are used to getting help at home. This is no surprise because the largest share of home care in the United States is provided by families and friends. Essential parts of home care include everyday activities like washing, dressing, transferring, eating, using the toilet, etc. But there are also professionals who provide home health care, such as nurses, physical therapists and home care aides. Home care, besides older people, can also include other groups. Disabled persons or war veterans are also often bound to home care.

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