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Since the first appearance of a banner ad in 1994, the Digital Advertising Market went through many upheavals. As perhaps in no other digital business, advertisers needed to adopt to constantly changing technological revolutions, legal conditions, and consumer trends. Nowadays, advertisers are struggling along modern advertising methods and formats like programmatic or native advertising. However, in that exact dynamic lies the reason why Digital Advertising is such a captivating market.

With this report we provide a comprehensive overview of the state of the Digital Advertising market as it is today as well as a prognosis with detailed information on five different market segments in the advertising areas of Search, Social Media, Banner, Video, and Classifieds. Besides all relevant market figures such as total and average revenues for the years from 2017 to 2027, we furthermore give detailed insights on current trends, key players, and relevant background knowledge of the market.

Comparing the three major Digital Advertising markets - the U.S., China, and Europe - the U.S. was the biggest market in 2022 with US$261 billion. Thus, the U.S. accounts for more than one third of the world’s Digital Advertising spending, leaving China und especially Europe far behind with shares of respectively only 24.8% and 16.8%. When taking growth rates into account, the U.S. leads the race with a CAGR of 11% by 2027 among the three major regions, closely followed by China with 10.6% and the European market with 9.1%.

Due to a lasting trend towards mobile apps, the future development of Digital Advertising will continuously be shaped by a shift from desktop to mobile. While the share of global mobile revenues was 61% in 2022, the expected share in 2027 will be 69%.

Note: CAGR: Compound Annual Growth Rate / average growth rate per year

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  • Released: November 2022
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