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Eating fruit is an important part of a healthy diet. In the United States, it is recommended that children consume between one and 1.5 cups of fruit daily, and that adults consume between 1.5 and two cups depending on age and sex.

According to a consumer survey, a high quality produce section is the most important factor determining the choice that United States consumers make when selecting their primary supermarket. While purchasing fresh produce, most shoppers get further information relating to their fruit and vegetables directly from the product packaging.

In general, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend increasing fruit and vegetable intake. In a recent survey, a 90 percent share of U.S. adult respondents stated that they actively try to include fruit in their diet. However, recent statistics illustrate slightly diminishing fruit consumption rates. The per capita consumption of fruit in the United States fell from 286 pounds in 2000 to 259.26 pounds in 2014. Of that amount, the majority of fruit intake in the U.S. was in the form of fresh fruit and fruit juices, with canned, dried, and frozen fruit accounting for a much smaller proportion.

As of 2014, orange juice was the most consumed fruit product in the U.S., with 51 annual eatings per capital. Bananas and apples came in second and third place, with 46 and 32 annual eatings, respectively. The most fruit was eaten at breakfast time, with 64 annual eatings per capita as of 2014, compared to 35 annual eatings per capita of fruit at dinner time.

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