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The advertising and marketing industry is a dragon of many heads. The first is Amazon – the largest advertiser worldwide, with an ad spend of 11 billion U.S. dollars. Apple – the most valuable brand worldwide – can be considered another one. Yet another still could be the United States, as the most creative advertising market worldwide. However, as marketing and advertising are fast-paced industries, dependent on numerous external factors, the heads might roll at any time.

Largest advertiser worldwide
Procter & Gamble
Most valuable brand worldwide
Most creative advertising market worldwide
United States

Largest advertisers

Where ad revenues come from
Leading advertisers worldwide in 2020, by ad spending (in billion U.S. dollars)
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Advertising spending can account for a large chunk of a company’s expenses and largest advertisers often come from the final goods sector, marketing foods, drinks, or cosmetics to end consumers. However, the title of the largest advertiser worldwide goes to Amazon – a globally present giant selling these final goods online. If it were a country, it would be the eleventh largest advertising market worldwide, outbidding such major players as India or Russia.

Largest display advertisers in the U.S.
Fastest growing ad spenders in the U.S.
Leading U.S. retailers by ad spend

Agency rankings

Awarding excellence
The most creatively awarded campaigns of 2019 by number of points in the WARC Creative 100
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Agencies can be ranked using many metrics – fee income, creativity, effectivity, or number of acquisitions, to name just a few. Creativity is arguably the metric that produces the most buzz. Most recently, it was Burger King’s “The Whopper Detour” campaign developed by FCB that was named the most creative campaign worldwide. In essence, Burger King offered a discount for its flagship product to its app owners who were in the vicinity of a McDonald’s restaurant.

Most successful PR campaigns worldwide
Most creative ad agencies worldwide
Media holding groups by revenue

Brand value

All-around most successful, ranked
Most valuable brands worldwide in 2021 (in billion U.S. dollars)
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Brands with high brand value enjoy high recognition, are successful at marketing their products, and building customer loyalty. They are leaders of their industries. On a global level, the omnipresent internet & tech brands such as Apple, Amazon, or Google, have occupied top spots in brand value rankings for quite some time now. On national level, the leaders vary: in the UK, it is Vodafone – a telco provider, in Brazil, it is Itaú – a banking brand, whereas in Japan it is Toyota.

Brand Value
Brands on social media
Brands in Scandinavia

Industry definition

The Brands and Leaders category showcases the best, largest, and most valuable in the advertising and marketing industry. From ad spending and ad revenue to rankings of largest advertisers and media holdings, data on all the important names in advertising can be found here. Additionally, this section offers creativity rankings of agencies, in-house marketers, and single campaigns for various marketing subsectors. Brand values and brand value rankings for multiple regions and industries complete the picture.


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