The advertising industry is highly dependent on the media for ad placement and the creatives for material production. Consumer use of media plays a role in determining the extent of advertising expenditures – in countries where the print is being substituted by all things digital, newspaper advertising spending will suffer while the internet will command a larger share of investments.
However, the generally observed trend is that internet ad spend has already overtaken other media, leaving even TV advertising behind. According to market projections, internet will continue to command larger shares of investments, a trend which will be reinforced by the coronavirus pandemic repercussions.

Leading medium based on ad spend share worldwide
Share of TV in global ad spend
Region with the highest spending on internet
North America

Market size

Which global region will see the highest growth in advertising spending?
Growth of advertising spending worldwide from 2000 to 2023, by region
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Advertising often varies by market maturity which directly affects the growth rates – developing markets will experience larger ad spend growth than those which are already saturated. North America is an example of a mature market, with ad investment growth of around three percent. On the other hand, the LATAM and CEE regions show the highest potential to develop in the coming years, at an impressive rate of over eight percent.

Advertising market worldwide
Advertising industry in North America
Advertising industry in Latin America

Market segments

Digital is king!
Digital advertising spending worldwide from 2017 to 2025, by format (in billion U.S. dollars)
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Globally, digital advertising accounts for more than half of ad expenditures and is set upon a steady path towards future growth. Despite the slight dip in 2020 when even digital advertising suffered due to the coronavirus outbreak, the online segment of the industry will bounce back. Search, social media, and banner ads are now the dominant formats and will characterize the future of advertising, leaving traditional methods behind.​

Online advertising metrics
Digital advertising in North America
Digital advertising in Europe

Industry trends

Advanced TV – best of both worlds​
Change in marketing budgets devoted to advanced TV according to marketing professionals worldwide as of August 2019
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Advanced TV is a term encompassing all forms of watching television that is not done in a traditional way, so excluding broadcast, cable, and satellite. Advanced TV advertising enables delivery of promotional messages straight to TV receivers (e.g. on connected TVs, VoD, OTT TV, etc ) but with greater accuracy. The advantages of this form of advertising include improved targeting and cross-screen measuring, while among the frequently cited challenges are ad fraud and data transparency.

TV advertising worldwide
Global TV industry
TV advertising in the U.S.

Industry leaders

An advertising agency giant​
WPP's billings from 2010 to 2020 (in billion British pounds)
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WPP - headquartered in London, has been on the advertising industry stage since 1971. The company became one of the 'top dogs' among global ad agencies based on revenue alone, and generated more than 50 billion euros (approximately 60 billion U.S. dollars) in annual billings since 2016. WPP also boasts an impressive market cap of roughly 18 billion U.S. dollars.

Advertising agencies
Public relations agencies
WPP company report

Industry Definition

Advertising data on Statista’s platform consists of figures on advertising spending, revenues, and advertising effectiveness. Spending statistics include overall ad spending, as well as data split by media type. Information on ad campaign reach (local and national) and ad revenue figures for online and offline media are also available. In addition, this section provides survey data on advertising perception and consumption, along with consumer responses to promotional activities of brands and companies.

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