Distribution of World of Warcraft characters in U.S. and EU realms as of June 2016, by class

The statistic shows the share of the various classes in the online computer game World of Warcraft as of June 16, 2016. Approximately 9.3 percent of the created characters in U.S. realms were warriors. In terms of race, despite such possibilities as Night Elf, Orc, or Goblin, most players chose to be human in the game.

Additional info: Distribution of World of Warcraft characters by class

Both among European and American players, the hunter is the most popular class. Its popularity might result from the fact that hunters excel in using ranged weapons, such as bows and cross bows and can take part in battles from a distance, thus reducing the possibility of getting hurt or even killed. Hunters also come with the advantage of being able to tame animals and keep pets.

This class is almost equally popular among Horde and Alliance characters. Among U.S. based players, 12.2 percent of Alliance and 11.9 percent of Horde members were hunters. In Europe, the shares amount to 11.4 and 11 percent respectively.

The least popular class, on the other hand, is the monk which is chosen by approximately five percent of players. The disinclination to become a World of Warcraft monk may be caused by the fact that the class has very limited weapon-handling skills and results in a need to rely on a martial-arts based fighting style against opponents who have swords and bows.

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 EU realmsU.S. realms
Death Knight 11.3% 11.6%
Hunter 10.9% 11.7%
Druid 10.1% 9.9%
Warrior 9.8% 9.3%
Paladin 9.4% 9.6%
Priest 8.7% 8.7%
Mage 8.5% 8.3%
Rogue 8.5% 8.6%
Warlock 7.8% 7.7%
Shaman 7.7% 7.3%
Monk 7.3% 7.2%
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