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Statista Dossier on e-commerce in France

This dossier contains statistical data about B2C and C2C e-commerce in France. With a revenue of 50 billion euros generated in 2013, France is one of the most attractive e-commerce market in Europe. This dossier will provide business developers and analysts with the latest data regarding online retailers, buyers, m-commerce, as well as the purchasing habits of French consumers online.

Table of contents

  • 1. Market overview
    • Forecasted e-commerce share of retail sales in France 2015-2018

    • Digital Market Outlook: e-commerce revenue in France 2015-2021

    • Digital Market Outlook: e-commerce revenue in France 2015-2021, by segment

    • Digital Market Outlook: e-commerce users in France 2015-2021

    • Enterprises with online booking or ordering in France in 2013-2015, by industry

    • Share of enterprises processing online orders in France 2015, by industry

    • E-commerce revenue in France 2005-2016

    • E-commerce share of distance selling revenue in France 2005-2014

    • Number of e-commerce websites in France 2006-2016

    • E-commerce websites distribution by annual revenue in France 2014-2016

    • Leading products and services bought online in France 2017

  • 2. Online sales revenue by industry and company size
    • Online sales revenue in France 2008-2015, by company size

    • Online sales revenue distribution in France 2014-2015, by company size

    • Music download turnover by format in France 2013-2014

    • Music streaming subscription revenue distribution in France 2014

    • Accommodation and food services: online revenue in France 2008-2015

    • Online sales revenue in the construction industry in France 2008-2015

    • Online sales revenue in the manufacturing industry in France 2010-2015

    • Online sales revenue in the retail and wholesale commerce in France 2009-2015

    • Online sales revenue in the scientific and technical sector of France 2008-2015

  • 3. Online consumers
    • E-commerce spending per capita in France 2012-2017

    • Leading e-commerce delivery methods used in France 2017

    • Leading payment methods used when buying online in France 2016

    • Online purchasing penetration in France 2003-2016

    • Online purchasing penetration in France 2016, by age group

    • Online purchasing penetration in France 2016, by educational background

    • Penetration of online purchasing in France 2016, by socioeconomic condition

    • Distribution of individuals who make online purchases in France 2015, by frequency

    • Impact of online product research on place of purchase in France 2013, by product

    • Public opinion regarding purchases on social networks in France 2015

    • Facebook and Twitter users' opinion on social network purchases in France 2015

    • Comparison of e-commerce websites and physical shops in France 2013

    • Importance of options during online checkout process in France in 2015

    • Online customer satisfaction with the post-purchase experience in France in 2015

    • Reasons for abandoning online shopping carts in France in 2015

  • 4. E-retailers
    • E-commerce penetration among trading enterprises in France 2014, by sector

    • E-commerce penetration among service enterprises in France 2014, by sector

    • Most visited e-commerce websites in France Q3 2017

    • Mobile retail conversion rates in France 2015, by website quality

    • Travel websites with the highest number of unique visitors in France Q1 2017

  • 5. Cross-border commerce
    • Share of European customers of online shops in France 2015-2016, by country

    • Share of goods & services purchased online outside the EU by companies in France 2014

    • Most popular payment methods for online purchases in France 2015-2016

    • French companies selling products and/or services outside of France 2014

    • French companies' concerns with rules to sell online in foreign countries 2014

    • French companies dealing with foreign taxation in other EU countries in 2014

    • French companies facing insufficient online payment security in 2014

    • French companies opinion towards common rules for e-commerce in the EU 2014

  • 6. M-commerce
    • EU5: smartphone buyer penetration as of March 2014, by country

    • Amount spent per purchase among m-commerce users in France 2013

    • Frequency of mobile shopping behaviors in France 2013

    • M-commerce transactions in France Q1-Q2 2015, by device used

    • Preferred method of online shopping on a smartphone or tablet in France in 2015

    • Product types purchased via smartphone in France 2013

    • Mobile retail conversion rates in France 2015, by website quality

    • Path to purchase: first step taken by consumers via mobile in France 2013, by product

    • Number of digital sources consulted before purchasing in France 2013, by product

    • Product/service types purchased via tablet in France 2014-2015

    • Mobile purchasing: reasons to complete a purchase via mobile device in France 2013

  • 7. C2C e-commerce and collaborative consumption
    • Online C2C e-commerce penetration in France 2007-2016

    • Collaborative consumption penetration in France 2017

    • C2C online purchasing penetration in France 2014-2015, by product type

    • C2C online selling penetration in France 2014-2015, by product type

    • Motives for purchasing online from private sellers in France 2014

    • Motives for selling online to private individuals in France 2016

    • Criteria for a good C2C platform according to French buyers and sellers in 2014

    • Criteria for purchasing on C2C platforms in France 2014

  • Language: English
  • Released: September 2016
  • Source(s): Statista
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