Online grocery market in Canada

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Statista dossier on the online grocery market in Canada

Table of contents

    • Retail sales of supermarkets and other grocery stores in Canada 2012-2021

    • Monthly retail sales of grocery stores in Canada 2015-2022

    • Sales value of leading Canadian grocery and supermarket chains in Canada 2019/20

    • Retail e-commerce revenue in Canada 2017-2025

    • Food as share of total e-retail sales in Canada 2017-2025

    • E-commerce as share of total retail sales in Canada 2020, by sector

    • Value of packaged food and beverage e-commerce market in Canada 2020

    • Leading groceries e-commerce sites in Canada 2021, by SKU of packaged food

    • Food & personal care: top 5 online stores in Canada in 2021, by net sales

    • Online grocery & beverage shopping by store brand in Canada 2022

    • Quarterly change of Walmart e-commerce net sales in Canada 2021-2022

    • Quarterly change of Metro online food sales in Canada 2022

    • InstaCart app monthly downloads in Canada 2021

    • Preferences for online grocery ordering in Canada 2021, by province

    • Preferred grocery shopping methods in Canada 2021

    • Home delivery timing for groceries in Canada 2021, by age group

    • Preferences for online food shopping in Canada 2019-2021, by channel

    • Grocery shopping by type in Canada 2022

    • Preferred ways to shop online in Canada 2021, by category

    • Favorite home delivery timeline in Canada 2021, by category

    • Causes of low satisfaction with online grocery services in Canada 2020

    • Satisfaction rates with online grocery services in Canada 2020

    • Post pandemic online purchase intention in Canada, by channel and category

    • Change in online purchasing from national and local grocery retailers in Canada 2021

    • Post-pandemic online grocery shopping intentions in Canada 2020

    • Locations Canadians shop online for groceries 2020

    • Reasons to purchase food online in Canada 2020

    • Canadian leading reasons to buy groceries online 2020

    • Factors that would persuade Canadians to shop online for groceries 2020

    • Canadian reasons not to buy groceries online 2020

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