Omnichannel retail in France

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Statista Dossier on omnichannel retailing in France

Table of contents

    • Revenue generated by online sales in France 2019, by sector

    • Retail e-commerce revenue in France 2017-2025

    • Retail e-commerce ARPU in France 2017-2025

    • Share of retail e-commerce sales in France 2017-2023

    • Amount of retail e-commerce sales in France 2017-2023

    • Click and collect: turnover Europe 2013-2023

    • Impact of the COVID-19 crisis on total e-commerce turnover in France 2020

    • Turnover of the most valuable e-commerce retail companies in France 2020

    • Distribution of the most performing Drive retailers in France 2019, by revenue

    • Revenue of drive-in pickup services in France 2014-2021

    • Number of Drive services in France 2019, by type of service

    • E-commerce activity on selected digital shopping channels in France 2019

    • Expert survey on platforms used by companies selling through their own website 2020

    • Companies that processed online orders in France 2018, by industry

    • Expert survey on share of companies' sales generated through a market place 2020

    • Adoption of sales innovations by service providers in France 2019

    • Public opinion on the Amazon Go service in France 2019

    • Most used or known generalist retailer applications in France 2018

    • Shopping apps: product purchases in France in 2019, by age group

    • Shopping apps: consulting of products and finding ideas in France 2019, by age group

    • Shopping apps: consulting of product reviews and ratings in France 2019, by age group

    • Online orders made through Drive apps after the Covid-19 outbreak in France 2020

    • Most encouraging reasons to shop through social media in France 2020

    • France's favorite social networks for shopping in 2019

    • Most used social media platforms for shopping in France 2020

    • Use of the shopping feature on Instagram among French 2018

    • Average budget dedicated to shopping on social media in France 2020

    • French consumers degree of readiness to use payment through social media 2020

    • Penetration rate of omni-channel shopping in France 2019, by age group

    • Best retail chains offering the best omnichannel customer experience France 2018

    • Platforms used for online shopping in France in 2019

    • Shopping channels used by young French people to buy their favorite products 2019

    • French consumers' preferred Internet channels for first and recurring purchases 2019

    • Information sources used while purchasing professional products in France 2018-2019

    • Sources of information for B2B professional purchases in France 2018-2019

    • Age range of Click and collect shoppers in France 2020

    • Most popular and used Click and Drive applications among French shoppers 2018

    • Share of interest in Drive services with pedestrian access in France 2019

    • Main reasons for shoppers to buy in-store rather than online in France 2019

    • Reasons for checking the smartphone during shopping activities in France 2019

    • Factors influencing online purchases in France in 2019

    • Item purchase and research: in-store vs. online in France 2019, by product type

    • Online and in-store purchase channels used by consumers in France 2019, by product

    • Online and in-store information channels used by consumers in France 2019, by product

    • French consumers shopping and looking for information in-store or online 2019

    • Offline or online information search preference in France 2019, by product category

    • Aspects of connected in-store support services of interest for French consumers 2019

    • Digital in-store support services used by French consumers in 2019

    • Offline and online payment methods taken into consideration by French companies 2019

    • Mobile payments by brand in France 2022

    • Mobile payments by situation in France 2022

    • Public opinion on the digitalization of payment methods in France 2019

    • French opinion on the usage and development of digital payments for stores 2020

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