Snack Foods in Canada - Statistics & Facts

Snacks are small servings of food which are typically consumed between meals. Snacks foods may be sweet and savory, and include packaged or processed foods as well as fresh produce such as fruit, vegetables, nuts or seeds. In Canada, the snack food market is ruled by various chip varieties, which account for an accumulated 60 percent of the market. In 2014, approximately 50 thousand metric tons of potato chips were imported to Canada.

With holiday traditions such as trick-or-treating at Halloween or Christmas gift-giving, the holiday season is typically a popular time for candy and confectionery consumption. Corresponding with these holidays, the monthly sales of candy, confectionery and snack foods peaked in October and December of 2014 and 2015. In 2014, everyday chocolate made up 54 percent of the instant consumption confectionery sales. Confectionery retail sales are forecasted to exceed 4.4 billion Canadian dollars in 2018.

Among Canadian shoppers, items such as chips and chocolate were the most consumed snacks by men, while women preferred fruit as a healthier option. Fruit was also the most popular morning and evening snack in 2013, being eaten at 25 and 16 percent of occasions, respectively. Claims such as all natural and no artificial colors or flavors, were listed as the most important health attributes when making a snacking purchase decision.

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Snack foods in Canada - Important statistics

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