Meat industry in Canada- Statistics & Facts

The meat industry in Canada is comprised of production and processing, packing, preservation, and marketing of meat such as, beef and veal, lamb and mutton, pork, chicken, goat, rabbit, horse, and wild game such as venison and bison. The annual revenue generated from the meat product manufacturing industry in 2015 stood at over 28 billion Canadian dollars, while the 2015 average annual household expenditure on meat was recorded to be a little over a thousand Canadian dollars.

In 2016, the volume of beef produced in Canada amounted to 1.1 million metric tons. Canada’s meat processing companies manufacture a wide variety of meat products ranging from fresh and frozen meat to processed, smoked, canned, cooked, as well as sausage and deli meats. The size of the Canadian meat processing industry was valued at around 6.52 billion Canadian dollars in 2016 with luncheon meat alone recording a sales volume of approximately 240 million units. Costco is the most regularly used retailer for the purchase of meat products in Canada.

Led by pork and beef, meat is one of Canada’s highest value agro-food exports. In 2016, the value of beef and veal exported from Canada amounted to 2.27 billion Canadian dollars and export volume of pork amounted to about 1.32 million metric tons. In that same year, import volume of broiler meat into Canada was around 130 thousand metric tons.

The Canadian meat industry is widely recognized for well-established safety standards of the highest quality as overseen by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

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Meat industry in Canada - Important statistics

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