Cleaning Products

Statistics and facts on Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products statistics Demand for cleaning products continues to grow due to consumer awareness concerning the importance of hygiene and the spread of infectious diseases. The global cleaning products market is benefiting from increased focus on safe food storage, hygienic garbage disposal, the importance of sanitary conditions and the need to disinfect household surfaces. One of the major attractions of these products for today’s consumer is convenience, with time-strapped consumers having less and less time for household chores but eager to maintain high standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

Technological innovation, advertising and marketing will prove important over coming years, especially in this market where brand loyalty is difficult to sustain. Companies manufacturing household cleaners are obliged to keep up a constant advertising effort to promote brand image and reinforce market presence. Companies have to be quick to meet evolving demand and keep up with changing trends through product innovation and technological savvy. Companies therefore invest in research and development to extend product lines with new, innovative offerings.

Leading players in the global household product industry are following the trend of social marketing seen in other sectors, relying on social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter to actively communicate with their consumer base.

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