Non-alcoholic Beverages statistics
Statistics and facts on Non-alcoholic Beverages

The category Non-alcoholic Beverages shows market data on drinks without alcohol including hot drinks, soft drinks, energy drinks, fruit beverages, bottled water, sports beverages and value-added water.

Hot beverages range from coffee and a nice cup of tea to an indulgent hot chocolate. Soft drinks, depending on the region also known as soda, pop, or carbonated beverages, cover drinks containing water, sugar or a type of artificial sweetener, and a flavoring agent. Those fizzy drinks are mostly available in regular and diet varieties.

The non-alcoholic beverages industry presents statistics and facts on companies and brands competing in the market with a strong focus on their market shares and sales volumes. Company key facts such as annual revenue and number of employees are also covered. Multinational companies leading the soft drink industry include The Coca-Cola Corporation, Pepsi-Co. Inc. and Dr Pepper Snapple. The latest trends revealed that many companies were trying to enlarge or diversify their product portfolio in the direction of healthier options such as bottled water. This trend has mostly been the result of a growing public health concern around the high sugar content of these sweet beverages.

On the consumer side, per capita consumption, attitudes and taste preferences are provided.

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