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Statistics and facts on Pets & Animal Supplies

Pets & Animal Supplies statistics The category Pets & Animal Supplies presents a broad range of statistics and market data covering the pet industry.

Live animals, which are mainly kept as pets, include dogs, cats, freshwater and saltwater fish, small animals such as hamsters or guinea pigs, and reptiles. Questions that will be addressed in this category cover, for example, ‘How many households do own a pet?’ or ‘What kind of pets do pet stores in the United States carry?’ Everyone has their own individual reasons for owning a pet, but among the most common is the companionship it provides. According to the type of pet, dogs are rated as American’s favorite pets, closely followed by cats.

The market for animal supplies offers endless varieties to choose from including, for example, pet food, pet care products, toys for pets, pet furniture, collars, bowls and feeders. In this context, rankings of the leading vendors, brands, and pet stores, based on sales and market shares, are presented. Shopping for pet products has become easier than ever with an increasing variety of retail outlets now selling pet products alongside the traditional pet store. In the United States, leading pet stores shaping the industry are PetSmart and PETCO.

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