Instagram marketing and advertising

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Statista Dossier on Instagram marketing and advertising

Table of contents

    • Global internet advertising spending 2007-2024, by format

    • Social media ad spending worldwide 2017-2026, by device

    • Change in ad budgets worldwide 2022, by medium

    • Instagram marketing budget 2018-2021

    • Social media platforms used by marketers worldwide 2021

    • Most important social media platforms for marketers worldwide 2021

    • Future use of social media among marketers worldwide 2021, by platform

    • Video platforms used for marketing purposes worldwide 2020

    • Growth of social media activities of Fortune 500 companies 2021

    • Average weekly Instagram brand posts 2021, by vertical

    • Average number of IG stories posted by brands per month 2020, by account size

    • Retention rate of IG stories posted by brands 2020, by daily post volume

    • Social media ads CPM worldwide 2021, by platform

    • Social media ads CPC worldwide 2021, by platform

    • Leading brands on Instagram worldwide 2020, by mentions

    • Most mentioned brands on English-language Instagram worldwide 2021

    • Most mentioned brands on Spanish-language Instagram worldwide 2021

    • Instagram: number of followers of popular luxury brands 2020

    • Global social networks ranked by number of users 2022

    • Most valuable media & entertainment brands worldwide 2021

    • Fastest growing brands worldwide 2021

    • Brand value of social media brands upon entering the BrandZ ranking 2020

    • Leading platforms for influencer marketing worldwide 2020

    • Leading social referrals to e-commerce websites 2020, by traffic

    • Instagram influencer market size 2017-2020

    • Global distribution of Instagram influencers in 2020, by number of followers

    • Share of Instagram influencers worldwide 2020, by category

    • EMV of Instagram influencer posts worldwide in 2020, by followers

    • Average price per post of Instagram influencers worldwide 2020, by followers

    • Engagement rates among global IG influencers 2018-2020, by profile size

    • Share of fraudulent Instagram influencers worldwide 2019-2020, by number of followers

    • Instagram: number of global users 2020-2025

    • Social media platforms growth of MAU worldwide 2019-2021

    • Countries with biggest Instagram reach 2022

    • Instagram: distribution of global audiences 2022, by age and gender

    • Preferred business communication methods for global smartphone users 2020-2021

    • Global Instagram follower engagement rate 2022, by type of post

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