14.05.2024 Statista is transforming the data research experience with the introduction of Research AI


Hamburg, Germany. Statista, a global leader in data and market analysis, proudly announces the official launch of its new generative AI product, Research AI. Research AI marks a milestone in data research, aimed at helping businesses make informed decisions based on verified, curated and proprietary data from Statista.

"With Research AI, we are introducing a revolutionary step in data research," explains Thorben Holkenbrink, Senior Product Lead, Research AI. "Our generative AI product is exclusively based on Statista's extensive, high-quality data sets, ensuring unprecedented response quality and reliability. This sets new standards in terms of quality and user-friendliness for data-driven decision-making processes in businesses."

Research AI combines the strengths of advanced Large Language Model technology with Statista's excellent depth of data. Companies can now interact with Research AI in a natural and intuitive way to obtain complex analyses and forecasts, without the need for extensive database knowledge. From trend analysis to market forecasts, Research AI offers a wide range of applications for companies of all sizes and industries.

The features of Research AI include:

  • Excellent data quality: Exclusive access to verified, curated and proprietary data and editorial content from Statista ensures the highest response quality and reliability.
  • Minimized risk of misinterpretation: The focus on high-quality data minimizes the risk of hallucinations or faulty analyses.
  • Intuitive use: Users can perform complex queries and analyses in natural language without requiring extensive programming or database knowledge.

"Statista is proud to present Research AI as an innovative solution that provides a completely new, more intuitive approach to our data," emphasizes Ann-Kristin Hamke, Chief Product Officer at Statista. "Our team has worked hard to create a product that is not only powerful and user-friendly but also meets the highest standards in terms of data quality and reliability."

Research AI is now available for Statista customers. For more information, please visit statista.com/research-ai.



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