Digital advertising in the United Kingdom (UK)

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Statista Dossier about online and digital advertising in the United Kingdom

Table of contents

    • Digital advertising spending worldwide 2021-2026

    • Internet advertising spending worldwide 2000-2024, by region

    • Digital advertising spending in Europe 2006-2022

    • Digital ad spending in Europe 2006-2021, by format

    • Share of digital ad spend in Europe 2016-2019, by transaction type

    • Share of mobile in digital ad spending in Europe 2017-2025

    • Largest digital advertising markets in Europe 2021

    • Digital publisher revenue in the UK 2019-2021

    • Digital advertising spending in the United Kingdom (UK) 2008-2021

    • Digital ad spend growth in the United Kingdom (UK) 2020-2021

    • Online ad spend in the United Kingdom (UK) 2021, by industry

    • Advertising inflation in the UK 2020-2021, by medium

    • Online ad spend in the UK 2021, by type

    • Digital ad spend growth in the United Kingdom (UK) 2021-2023, by format

    • Nonprofit digital ad spend in the UK & the U.S. 2020, by format

    • Leading B2C marketing channels in the UK 2022

    • B2C marketing channels with highest growth potential in the UK 2022

    • Digital marketing channels with increased investment in the UK 2021

    • Mobile advertising spending in the UK 2021-2025

    • Growth of mobile ad spend in the UK 2021-2025

    • Mobile share of digital ad spend in the UK 2008-2021

    • Share of mobile in marketing budgets in the UK 2022

    • Contribution of mobile marketing to companies' performance in the UK 2021

    • Share of marketers increasing Android or iOS spend in the U.S. and UK 2022

    • Ad spend vs. media time gap in the UK 2022

    • Consumer trust in advertising in the UK 2022, by media

    • Attitudes towards online advertising in the UK 2022

    • Attitudes to personalized advertising in the U.K. 2022

    • Consumer perception of ad adjacency in the UK 2021

    • Complaints about digital advertising in the UK 2021, by ad location

    • Sources of inspiration used by fashion & lifestyle buyers in the UK 2022

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