Advertising in Poland

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Statista dossier on advertising in Poland

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • Forecast of advertising expenditure in Europe 2017-2023, by region

    • Advertising spend in Central and Eastern Europe 2017-2022, by type

    • Advertising expenditure in Poland 2012-2024

    • Advertising net worth in Poland 2012-2020

    • Advertising value in Poland in 2020, by industry

    • Advertising income of traditional media in Poland 2020-2021

  • 2. Advertising expenditure
    • Advertising expenditure in Poland 2012-2024, by medium

    • Ad spending change forecast in Poland 2020, by medium

    • Advertising expenditure in Poland 2012-2020, by medium

    • Advertising expenditure share in Poland 2020, by medium

    • Annual change in advertising spend in Poland 2020-2021, by medium

    • Advertising spending in Poland 2019, by industry

    • Advertising spending of the retail sector in Poland 2019-2020, by media

  • 3. Brands and products
    • Types of advertised products in Poland 2019

    • Leading advertising brands in traditional media in Poland 2020-2021, by spending

    • Retail brands with the highest advertising spending in Poland 2019-2020

    • Financial brands with highest advertising expenditure in Poland 2019

    • Most recognizable sport sponsors in Poland 2019-2020

    • Video advertisement reach in Poland 2021, by brand

  • 4. Digital advertising
    • Internet advertising expenditure share in Poland 2011-2023

    • Online advertising expenditure in Poland 2009-2020

    • Online advertisement expenditure in Poland 2020, by industry

    • Online advertisement expenditure in Poland 2020, by ad type

    • Viewability of online ads in Poland 2020, by format

    • Video ad viewability in Poland in 2019, by platform

    • Click-through rates of marketing e-mails in Europe 2020, by country

    • Click-to-open rates of marketing e-mails in Europe 2020, by country

    • Unsubscribe rates of marketing e-mails in Europe 2020, by country

  • 5. Television advertising
    • Daily reach of television in Poland 2018-2019, by age group

    • Number of emitted advertisements in Poland 2018-2020, by TV provider

    • Advertising revenues of TV stations in Poland 2019-2020

    • TV programs with most expensive ad spots on TVN in Poland 2021

    • Cyfrowy Polsat's advertising costs and revenue in Poland 2017-2020

    • Cyfrowy Polsat viewability and ad market share in Poland from 2018-2020

    • Television advertising expenditure in Poland in 2021, by brand

    • Brands most active on TV in Poland 2018

    • Application usage during commercial breaks in Poland 2018, by app type

    • Viewer irritation concerning video adverts in Poland in 2019, by medium

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