Nova Scotia

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Statista dossier on Nova Scotia

Table of contents

    • Population estimates for Nova Scotia, Canada 2000-2021

    • Population of Nova Scotia 2021, by age and sex

    • Population of Nova Scotia, by educational attainment 2020

    • Number of births in Nova Scotia, Canada 2001-2021

    • Number of deaths in Nova Scotia, Canada 2001-2021

    • Net interprovincial migrants Nova Scotia 2001-2021

    • Number of recent immigrants in Nova Scotia 2001-2021

    • GDP of Nova Scotia, Canada 2000-2020

    • GDP of Nova Scotia in Canada 2020, by industry

    • GDP distribution of Nova Scotia, Canada 2020, by industry

    • Average annual household expenditures in Nova Scotia, Canada 2019

    • CPI in Nova Scotia 2000-2020

    • Canadian business counts without employees, by province or territory 2020

    • Nova Scotia business counts with employees, by NAICS category 2020

    • Canada: labor productivity in Nova Scotia 2000-2020

    • Canada: labor productivity in Nova Scotia 2020, by industry

    • Number of housing starts in Nova Scotia 2011-2020

    • Number of employed people in Nova Scotia, Canada by industry 2020

    • Employment in Nova Scotia, by level of employment 2000-2020

    • Unemployment rate Nova Scotia, Canada 2000-2020

    • Number of jobs in Nova Scotia 2020, by NAICS category

    • Median total family income in Nova Scotia 2000-2019

    • Median employment income of tax filers in Nova Scotia 2000-2019

    • Weekly earnings of employees Nova Scotia 2001-2020

    • Labor participation rate in Nova Scotia 2000-2019

    • Low income population percentage in Nova Scotia 2000-2019

    • Provincial government revenue and expenditure of Nova Scotia 2007-2020

    • Assets and liabilities Nova Scotia provincial government 2007-2019

    • Revenues of the Nova Scotia provincial government 2020, by source

    • Expenses of the Nova Scotia provincial government, by source 2019

    • Assets of the Nova Scotia government, by type 2019

    • Liabilities of the Nova Scotia government, by type 2019

    • Canadian federal election results in Nova Scotia 2021

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