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The Republic of Cameroon is located in central Africa and has an ever growing population of roughly 24 million inhabitants. Yaoundé, the country’s capital, is the second-biggest city in terms of population. Cameroon is among the countries with the highest population growth rate worldwide, and its fertility rate is also one of the highest all over the world: Although slightly decreasing, the fertility rate in Cameroon is still at 4.7 children per woman. Simultaneously, the country’s life expectancy is one of the lowest around the globe at less than 60 years; Africa still isthe one continent where the majority of the countries with the shortest life expectancy are located. Still, life expectancy in Cameroon is increasing, however, the the country’s median age in the last couple of years was also quite low. Only a little over 3 percent of the population are older than 65 years, the rest is quite evenly distributed among children (o to 14 years) and adults (15 to 64 years).

The Republic of Cameroon was established in January 1960 after it gained independence from France. It is divided into 10 semi-autonomous regions, each being governed/ruled by an appointed governor. The official languages of the country are English and French, but about 250 other languages and dialects are spoken in Cameroon as well.

The agriculture sector, which includes production of cocoa beans, and the industry sector, which among other things, includes mineral resources, together account for half of the country’s GDP generation. Services takes over the rest. Cameroon’s GDP growth rate registered a sudden slump in 2017, but seems to be recovering again. Unemployment peaked at the same time and inflation plunged to below 1 percent. All these indicators allude to Cameroon's economy experiencing a short crisis, which it is now trying to leave behind again. Another sign are the trade figures: Exports have decreased and so have imports, leaving Cameroon with a trade deficit that is not as severe as a few years ago, but still not exactly promising. However, Cameroon seems to be on the upswing for now, and hopefully its economy can continue on this path.

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